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  • How much is the delivery charge ?
  • How do I order from Lee Flower.com ?
  • Is the online payment system secure
  • How to avoid errors due to Multiple Submissions ?
  • Can I pay through methods other than Master or VISA Credit Cards ?
  • I have a special request, can it be fulfilled all the time ?
  • What if I want a delivery to places outside of Malaysia ?
  • Can I choose the date and time of delivery ?
  • How will I know that my order has been delivered ?
  • Substitution may be necessary
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  • Money back guarantee

  • How much is the delivery charge ?

    Delivery is FREE within Malaysia & Singapore, and there are no other hidden charges. This FREE service covers areas in Singapore, Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. For specific locales please refer to the Coverage Area section.

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    How do I order from Lee Flower.com ?

    Simple. You simply browse our product description pages for the items that most fit your requirements.

    Once you've made your choice, simply click on the "Buy" button next to the product. An order form will appear asking for information like your personal particulars, message for the attached card, your preferred delivery date, delivery time, payment method, etc.

    Once the form is completed, click the "Submit" button ONCE. Please be patient - do not click the "Back" button of your browser to correct messages or your information when the transaction is in progress. If you do this, it might result in multiple purchases and you will be billed more than once. The best practice is to double-check to ensure all information is correct before clicking the "Submit" button.

    If the transaction is successful (i.e your credit card information verified and the transaction approved), you will be issued a DR (digital receipt) on your screen.

    IMPORTANT: Print out your digital receipt and keep as a hard copy; or simply copy down your Order Number. You will have to quote this Order Number if you wish to make any enquiries. Once you received the online digital receipt, it means your order has been accepted and confirmed. Rest assured that your goods will be delivered to the specified address.

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    Is the online payment system secure ?

    Lee Flower.com has been designed as an online commerce environment that is safe, easy, and friendly to use to our customers. This site was developed to support secure online purchasing using the Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ) technology. This technology works best when the site is viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's Navigator browser.

    All information provided by you during the shopping process is encrypted for your protection. You will know you are in an encrypted area when you see a solid key when using Netscape Navigator or a closed lock when using Internet Explorer. Look for these signs before entering your billing information. Information provided to Lee Flower.com as a result of your online purchase is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be disclosed or sold to any third parties.

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    How to avoid errors due to Multiple Submissions ?

    Most of the time a double purchase is caused by clicking the "Submit" button at the order form page more than once. After submitting the order form, please do not click your browser's "Back" button to correct your information such as your messages or the other information that you have just submitted, and then click "Submit" again after the corrections. This will result in the same amount being deducted twice from your credit card as it is considered as two different orders of the same product and on the same transaction date. To change your message or any correction you can always send us an E-mail or call our Head Office in Malaysia at Tel : + 603 - 5637 0668 OR Fax to + 603 - 5637 6118

    Certain error could be detected from the time of your transaction. Credit card information given wrongly in your order will not be approved by the banks. If the transaction is successful, confirmation of Order Number would appear on your screen immediately after submission.

    IMPORTANT: Print out your digital receipt and keep as a hard copy; or simply copy down your Order Number. You will have to quote this Order Number if you wish to make any enquiries. Subsequently, you can change your messages by emailing us and the message must not be more than 50 words.

    If a double-orders are found (such as same recipient, message & same delivery date), we would try to notify the sender via email to confirm and discuss ways of solving the issue. The available options are as follows:

    A ) To make a replacement delivery - since the amount has been deducted twice from your Credit Card, we will deliver the first order. The subsequent order will be put on hold and the balance amount will be kept by Lee Flower.com untill the customer gives LeeFlower.com further instructions to deliver the next order (via email, not through the Order Forms!). This order will be valid for one year from the day of the transaction. You may place advance booking date for the next delivery as well.

    B ) Reverse Transaction - We will reverse the transaction back to your credit card account with 6.8% of the total value. This amount is paid to the banks for
    cancellation or reversal transaction handling fee and LeeFlower.com makes no benefit at all from the reversal of transactions. Your money will be back guarantee, if not please contact us.

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    Can I pay through methods other than Master or
    VISA Credit Cards ?

    Yes ! You certainly can. If for some reasons that you feel uncomfortable making payments through the Internet, we do accept American Express Card by FAX.
    You can always Fax us your order to Kuala Lumpur Head Office at : 603 - 2698 3668 or

    to our Subang Jaya Branch Office at : 603 - 5637 6118

    Order by Facsimile with Your Information Include your Amex 15 digit numbers and the Card ID number ( Card ID number could be 3 or 4 digit numbers which is not embossed, right on top of the 15 digit numbers ) Expiration Date / Year, exact name on your Amex card, Amount to be debited from your Amex account in USD

    Lastly, do not forget to fill in your E-mail address for us to send the Confirmation of Order to you after obtaining Approval Code from Amex. Recipientís Information Recipientís Name, Delivery Address, Contact Number, Messages, Sender" name, Delivery Date & Time.

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    I have a special request - can it be fulfilled all the time ?

    Yes. to the best of our ability we will try our utmost to fulfil all your special needs and preferences (e.g. you would like a deep red rose replaced with a white one and etc.)
    At the end of the transaction, copy down your Order Number, then proceed immediately to fill in the details of your special request (with your Order Number) in our "Feedback" column.

    Please note that seasonal conditions may affect the supply of certain kind of flowers. Specific colours may not always be available. In some extreme cases, substitution may be necessary to fulfil your floral and container requirements. The dimensions given for arrangements are mere approximations. However, you may refer to them as general guideline of the flowers' sizes.

    In certain cases, subject to stock-availability, we reserve the right to substitute your order with another item which is of equal or higher value. Containers shown may not always be available as well. In these circumstances, alternative containers of similar or greater value and style will be used.

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    What if I want a delivery to places outside of
    Malaysia and Singapore ?

    We have added a page of Asian Florists Links, please select the country that you wish your flowers to be sent. This is a newly added service we have created for your convenience. If you could not find a country listed at that page, please do not hesitate to E-mail us.

    We normally do not make deliveries outside the stipulated areas. At this moment, our service is only available within Malaysia and Singapore. However, if you wish to place your order with us then perhaps you can send us an E-mail stating the product code and the area that you would like the flowers to be delivered to and we will see what we can do.

    Be warned though. Due to the fact that our resources are rather limited when it comes to dealing with overseas destinations, in most cases we might not be able to meet your requests, although we will give our best effort to do so.

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    Contact us

    We can be contacted at :

    No. 70 B, Jalan SS 15 / 4, Subang Jaya,
    47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
    Tel. :   +603 5637 0668       Fax  : + 603 5637 6118

    For Location Map Click Here

    For Inquiry Email to : enquiry@leeflower.com
    Order Tracking Email to : sales@leeflower.com

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    How will I know that my order has been delivered ?

    A few options available to track your flowers or gifts delivery status at the link below
    ( Order Tracking ) OR just send us an e-mail to
    At the Order Tracking Form you will be asked to enter some important details like your Order Number, your name, your e-mail, your contact number & etc. ( Note* : If you do not have an Order Number generated with; AFS, LFS Or MLS ( follows by Numeric ) after payment pages, means your order is not successful. Please try to submit your order again ). If you have an Order Number but your Name or E-mail does not matched the Order Number you will not be able to received the result of delivery. Normally we will send an E-mail to our customers after delivery has been made on the same day OR a day later. Invalid E-mail address submitted during online order ( typo error or E-mail box full ) will not be able to receive the order details & delivery result. Please make sure your Email address is correct & your Email is not over quota, Email account has been disabled or discontinued will prevent us to keep you update. Even though we are given an option to send confirmation of flower delivery to our customers but sometimes we may overlook. During peak seasons like Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day & etc. we are NOT able to send all the confirmation of flowers delivery status to all our customers. In this case, we advice our customers to use our Order Tracking Form
    our person in-charge will reply as soon as possible.

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    Can I choose the date and time of delivery?

    Yes, you will be able to choose your preferred date and time of delivery.
    You will be asked your preferred time and date of delivery when you fill in your order form. Send us the form with the all the necessary (and correct) information and our delivery personnel will do the rest.

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    If under certain unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances whereby your credit card transaction has been approved and we were unable to deliver your order, then we would either reverse the transaction back to your card account with a minor charges by the bank about 6.8% for handling the reversal transaction or we will attempt to fulfil the order again, subject to your preference. We hope such things will never happen.

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    We accept all online payment with :
    ( Lee Flower.com - Florist in Malaysia ) We accept all online payment with VISA, Mastercard and Amex Card

    For Floral Design Courses, Kindly Contact Our Subang Office At Tel : +603 - 5637 0668    Fax : +603 - 5637 6118

    For Subang Jaya Location Click Here